MAY 14, 2022


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Everyone rolls out together at 8 a.m. for Wild Horse Gravel, regardless of which distance you choose. The first few miles is on a wide gravel road for a good warm-up. 

The 45-mile route is one big loop, with most of the climbing coming in the first half as we got deeper into the wilderness before banking back towards the Colorado River.

We will be on the same route as the 90-mile riders all the way into De Beque, climbing up over 7,000 feet and passing some crazy Goblin formations.

There is a timed segment – The Valley and the Goblins – that starts at mile 5.1 and finishes at mile 11.8. If you want to race it, go for it. If you want to ignore it, that is fine, too! It’s a sportive; we’re out here for fun.

Ruts, rocks, rippin’ roads – Wild Horse has a bit of everything.

The segment begins on a gentle-grade county road. Towards the top, the road gets steeper, but be careful for the rough descent at mile 10.1. You will past the Goblins rock formation on your right, then get ready for the final uphill grind to the finish of the segment. We’d suggest waiting just past the finish for your buddies, taking on some water and taking in the views.

At this point, you’re at the highest point of the day. Be careful on the descent, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride into De Beque at mile 36, where you can enjoy the aid station. At this point, the long course riders will either turn back to race The Long Grind timed segment – or decide that doing the short course with you sounds a lot better!

From De Beque, you will head north on a bit of pavement, then turn onto the gravel road you drove in on to get back to The High Lonesome for a proper cowboy cook-out. Swimming, anyone?

Check out the interactive map below for photos and more information. To ensure that Wild Horse Gravel is welcomed back, please stay on the designated route and respect nature. Thanks!