Let's Do Our Part

We know events can generate a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions, leaving behind a big carbon footprint. The single biggest contributor to an event’s carbon footprint is travel, so this year we have teamed up with a local nonprofit to help offset our footprint.  Check out Native Forests and let’s do our part to protect our planet by planting trees.  

Learn More About Native Forests

Native Forests is an environmental non-profit that focuses on offsetting carbon emissions and promoting the planet’s natural biodiversity.  Both are critical missions to Roll Massif.  By planting trees, shrubs and forest floor plants that are native to the particular region of Native Forests’ reforestation projects we are helping to ensure that healthy natural forests thrive, not just fast growing plantations.  By making a donation, no matter the amount, you can offset some or all of your carbon footprint as a result of your travel to and from Roll Massif Sportives.

Click here to access their carbon off-set calculator, which will calculate your approximate CO2 emissions and provide a recommended donation to off-set.  Each planted tree captures at least a ton of carbon from the atmosphere over a 40 year period, and our goal is to plant trees that live for hundreds of years. Native Forests also supplies native trees and shrubs to donors who have the space and time to plant and care for them. For more information visit www.NativeForests.org or call 720.839.9718.