JULY 23, 2022

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Headwaters Trail Alliance

Headwaters Trails Alliance (HTA) is a nonprofit advocacy organization for trails in scenic Grand County, Colorado. Surrounded by mountain peaks and passes, Grand County streams are the headwaters of the Colorado River. Our primary goal is to provide high quality trails linking towns and recreational areas within Grand County, with secondary trail systems connecting historical, cultural and recreational sites near our communities.


Colorado High School Cycling League

A portion of all registration fees will go to this amazing organization, in an effort to further their mission of building strong minds, bodies and characters in an inclusive, egalitarian environment by engaging juniors in the challenging and exciting world of competitive cycling.

The stories are infinite on how donations positively impacts youth and families. Whether it is a rider that never thought they could race gleefully report that they dug deep to finish; shy introverted kids who blossom because they found a place to belong; those struggling with very difficult family situations find a surrogate family in their team; the special “Chase Race” to accommodate a rider with cerebral palsy, or watching top-caliber riders give it their all with respect and humility.

Established in 2009, the Colorado High School Cycling League is an independent 501(c)3 serving students in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

The inaugural race series for the Colorado League was in the Fall of 2010 with 183 student-athletes participating, representing 20 teams from throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. The Colorado League participation grew in 2020 to 1,851 registered student-athletes from 79 teams. The Colorado season includes a four race series in the fall with a State Championship race. The primary focus is to deliver a memorable experience, where leadership and camaraderie are fostered.  The League actively helps the formation of new high school teams throughout the region.

The League is an exceptional way for high school students to develop a healthy lifestyle and explore the sport. Often League racers participate in collegiate cycling as well as national and international competition. Several Colorado League alumni are now racing on professional teams, employed in the cycling industry, and becoming community leaders.