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New for 2022, the Sunrise to Sunset Mountain Bike series presents the Race the Sun Challenge. 

The Race the Sun Challenge is designed to test riders to ride the most laps, and keep the fastest lap pace between both the Sunrise to Sunset Elephant Rock and Sunrise to Sunset Winter Park events. Each course is designed to challenge the athletes in unique ways, and each course caters to different types of riders. The Race the Sun Challenge will determine the fastest riders in the Sunrise to Sunset Series.  

Overall results are determined by a rider’s total laps accumulated between both races. At the end of both events, we will award a first, second, and third place prize based on the most laps ridden in each category. The top 3 riders in the Men, Women, Junior Boys, and Junior Girls categories will be considered the Race The Sun Challenge top finishers and will receive trophies and an OECS prize for their efforts.

In the case that the total laps end in a tie, the first place prize will go to the rider who had the fastest sum time between all of their laps at both events. In the event that the total laps, and average sum times are tied, the placing will be determined based on the average lap time at Sunrise to Sunset Winter Park. 

The Race the Sun format is all about balancing camaraderie and challenge. Sure, some folks race it solo, but most choose to race in teams, from two-person up to five-person squads. The Race the Sun Points Challenge will feature active chip timing! Lap leaders will be posted at the end of each event.