The last four months have been anything but normal as we have all navigated this global pandemic. We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding as we worked through numerous contingencies, postponements, and ultimately had to cancel of all our 2020 in-person Sportives. While it was heartbreaking we know it was necessary for the safety and well being of everyone.

With that behind us we are emailing you today with some GOOD NEWS as we announce the Roll Massif Challenge that will allow you to stay motivated and keep your wheels spinning over the coming months.



1. Choose a Distance: 353 miles or 484 miles which represent the short- and long-courses of our road & gravel events.

2. Log Rides: You have three months (Aug 1- Oct 31) to log rides, indoors or outdoors, and earn badges as you achieve your goal.

3. Win Prizes: Each week we will award prizes randomly to registered riders.



Registered riders receive a swag bag, rider bib, and choose between an event t-shirt or jersey. Riders may also elect to ride for a cause by forgoing the swag bag and we will make a donation to your selected charity.

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