Bike Maintenance

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Our preferred bike shop

Getting ready for an event, you not only need to train, but you also need to take proper care of your bike.  Our preferred bike shop, Elevation Cycles, has put together some great reasouces for you to get ready.  Check them out and stop in before your next event.

Highlands Ranch Bike Shop
2030 East County Line Road
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(303) 730-8038

Parker Bike Shop
18403 Longs Way
Unit 107
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Downtown Denver Bike Shop
1500 Wynkoop Street
Ste 102
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Denver East Bike Shop
821 North Ash Street
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Basic Bike Maintenance
& Safety Check

  1. Check tire pressure and inflate to recommended air pressure 
  2. Lube bike chain once every 2 weeks. See video for proper application
  3. Check the bolts; stem bolts, seat post and pedals. Periodically check to ensure the tightness of the bolts.
  4. Bounce test; just like it sounds, grab your bike from the handlebars and seat, pick up six inches and drop it. Does it make rattily noises? Does it feel like something is loose? Did you hear something while riding that bouncing helps you narrow down?
  5. Check the tightness of your wheel axle or skewer. Ensure they are hand tight and not loose.
  6. Brake check; spin your wheel and squeeze the brake lever with solid pressure to mimic an emergency brake use. Ensure your bike is braking property.

If you have any questions or encounter anything strange, please bring your bike into our shop and our technicians will gladly look at your bike and keep you running safely. 

What to pack when attending a bike ride event


  1. Flat repair kit:
    1. Extra tube
    2. CO2 cartridge + regular or hand pump
    3. Tire lever
    4. Tubeless repair (if you are tubeless)
    5. Tire boot
    6. Multi tool
  2. Water & Electrolytes
  3. Nutrition- Food/Fuel
  4. Light jacket or vest
  5. Arm and/or knee warmers
  6. Bike lights
  7. Cell Phone
  8. Bike shorts with a good chamois 
  9. Chamois cream 
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Helmet
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Shoes
  14. Warmer socks

What to do to your bike 6-12 weeks BEFORE the event

  1. Take your bike to your local shop to review and ensure your bike is in good/safe condition
    1. Are your tires in good shape?
    2. How is your chain and cassette?
    3. How much life is left on your brake pads?
    4. Do your brakes need to be bled?

It is advisable to NOT change anything fit related on your bike the last week leading up to the event. You want a chance to get a few rides in to ensure your bike is in tip top shape.

We are here to help in any way. Come on in, there are no stupid question.

Enjoy the ride!