JUNE 5, 2022

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This scenic and quiet route connects the country roads through the horse properties east of Franktown to the rolling hills of the Black Forest. It’s a perfect early season century, with beautiful and engaging miles that have some rollers but no mountain passes. Don’t worry about stuffing your jersey pockets with food or drinks; we’ve got you taken care of with six (yes, six!) aid stations out on the course. 

Start Time: 5:30 – 7:00 a.m.
Miles: 101
Elevation Gain:  6,200 ft.
Aid Stations:  15, 27, 38, 63, 74 and 89 Miles

Sag wagons will rove the course with additional water and supplies, while providing roadside assistance to those experiencing mechanical problems or those who become too fatigued to finish. Please be prepared however to handle your own flats and minor repairs.  Road Marshals, Colorado State Patrol and Rapid Response will be on hand to help make your ride safe and enjoyable.

Tagalong bike trailers and Burley-style trailers are not permitted on the 100-mile course.

Click on the interactive map below for a closer look. And click ‘Send to Device’ to get a GPX file for your cycling computer.

Please note – personal SAG vehicles is prohibited.  We will have SAGs out on the route if anyone receives a flat or needs repairs.  

Course Update (5/20/22)

In recent weeks we were informed of bridge construction in the Black Forest, which required us to re-route a part of our century course. The course now includes 5 miles on a hard-compact gravel road. The road is relatively flat and rides well.  If you do not wish to ride this new segment, you may downgrade to the 62-mile course. Thanks in advance for your understanding.