What to expect at the 2021 Elephant Rock

All riders can expect to enjoy a fun, well-supported day on the bike, regardless of which course you choose. Aid stations will be manned with friendly volunteers and well stocked with trail mix, pretzels, beef jerky at some, fresh fruit, Skratch rice crispy bars and chews, water and Skratch hydration. Our hydration stations all feature touchless coolers for Covid safety. Please consult your map for specifics of where each aid station will be.

Please note that aid stations are manned according to our start-time schedule, so please start your ride during the designated window.  Its also important to start your ride early to avoid tradional thunderstorms in the afternoon. 



Route: Mixed-surface
Distance: 28.5 miles
Start time: 7-8:30am

Notes: This route starts and finishes on pavement, with the beautiful middle portion through Castlewood Canyon State Park on gravel. There is 2,100ft of climbing, but it comes at a gradual grade. When riding the gravel, keep your upper body loose and look where you want to go – not down at your front wheel – just like you do on pavement. 


Route: 44-Mile
Start time: 7-8:30am

Notes: We head north out of Castle Rock for some pretty rolling climbs. There are two aids stations and 2,993 feet of climbing — but the last few miles are all downhill!


Route: 62-Mile
Start time: 6-7:30am

Notes: One of the highlights of this Metric Century course is the climb on Democrat Road amongst the pine trees as we head east. Three aid stations give you plenty of options for refueling, and we meet up with the 44-Mile course after the aid station in Elizabeth.


Route: 100-Mile
Start time: 5:30-7am

Notes: We are going counterclockwise this year on the big loop down into the Black Forest. Most of the 5,998 feet of climbing come in the first 30 miles, and then we enjoy rollers through the woods of the Black Forest. Please be careful on the lefthand turns — We will have police officers at every lefthand junction to assist you, but some traffic will be on course. From the halfway point it is almost all downhill — and if we’re lucky, we’ll have a tailwind as we head north.


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