For the last few months we have watched as the COVID-19 pandemic has made waves around the world. We’ve spent that time working in close partnership with city and county agencies to make the best, safest and most educated decision possible for the wellbeing of our community as well as yours.

Summit County continues to limit large gatherings and recently Lake County elected to not approve special event applications through the summer of 2020.  Even with variances and some restrictions softening, we support these public health measures and therefore have decided to cancel the 2020 edition of Copper Triangle, scheduled for August 1.

We truly appreciate your patience as we explored options during this very challenging time and we look forward to hosting you at another Roll Massif event in the future.

What’s Next? 
The good news is that you have a few options to choose from that will keep you riding. Please make your selection by July 1st. If we do not hear from you by then, we will automatically roll your registration into the 2021 edition of Copper Triangle (tentatively scheduled for August 7).

1.Experience Copper Triangle as VIP! Credit your registration toward entry into our five-star Copper Classic experience on August 1st that includes lodging, wine and dining and great swag. This exclusive opportunity is limited to the first 40 registrants and affords the opportunity to rub elbows and draft behind cycling royalty!

2. Roll on with the Roll Massif Challenge! Credit your registration toward an entry into Roll Massif’s new virtual / solo challenge that includes a jersey, sponsor samples and discounts and an opportunity to compete for great prizes.  The challenge will begin on July 1st and end on October 31st.

3. Receive a 100% registration credit / voucher to be redeemed for a Copper Triangle entry, valid 2021 – 2023.

What is the Copper Classic Experience?

Text about the Copper Classic 

What is the Roll Massif Virtual / Solo Challenge?
Missing out on all the rides this summer, we have created the Roll Massif Virtual / Solo Challenge.  Here you can ride 6 of our road and gravel sportives or the equivalent of miles XXXX
Copper Triangle – 79 mile / 6200 ft 
Crooked Gravel – XX
Wild Horse Gravel – XX
Tour de Vineyards – XX
Tour of the Moon – XX
Elephant Rock – 100 Mile / XX
How to play:
1. On your own (virtual or solo ride) do our five road and gravel sportives and/or equivalent of miles / elevation gain.  
2. Log your ride and share through social channels (we will include instructions on tags and hashtags closer July when the challenge starts)
3. Those who complete all five rides by October 31st will be entered into drawings for high end prizes (i.e. Alchemy custom bike, Rocky Mounts rack, 2021 Roll Massif pass) 
How does the Roll Guarantee work?

If you choose to defer your registration to 2021-2023, you will receive a follow up communication this fall.  Esentailly you will have til 2023 to use your 2020 registration for the Copper Triangle.

What to do about my lodging?

If you have already booked lodging at Copper Mountain Resort, you can call 888.760.7561, and cancel your reservation.  They will ask for your lodging reservation code, so please have it handy.

What are the dates for Copper Triangle?

Here are the dates for the Copper Triangle, so you can plan accordingly through 2023. 

  • August 7, 2021
  • August 6, 2022
  • August 5, 2023


What about my Extra Merchandise?

**If you ordered extra merchandise (packet mailing, extra meal tickets, extra clothing etc) that we have not already produced, we will provide a refund in the coming weeks. If we have the merchandise in house those orders will be processed and shipped.